Our Story

Avealto (Spanish: “High Bird”) is UK-based company, is creating a fleet of High Altitude Telecommunications Platforms.

The global Avealto system will comprise more than 200 uncrewed stratospheric, long duration telecommunications platforms, providing mobile telephony, broadband communications, backhaul, broadcasting and other hosted payloads.

Modular swappable payloads will be tailored to suit specific locations and markets.

Avealto High Altitude Platforms will complement existing terrestrial and satellite infrastructure, providing rapidly deployable connectivity for rural, remote, maritime and aeronautical at a substantially lower cost than existing technologies.  The system will integrate seamlessly with existing communication infrastructure.

Avealto has completed feasibility testing and is now in the final development prototype vehicles.




Walt Anderson has over 25 years of experience in creating fast growing successful organizations.

In 1984 he founded Mid Atlantic Telecom. Mid Atlantic was sold to Frontier Communications, a publicly traded company in 1993.

In 1992 he founded Esprit Telecom Plc., the first pan-European telecommunications operator. Esprit operated in eight EU countries and conducted its IPO in 1998 (ESPRY-NASDAQ), In 1999, Esprit was acquired for around EUR1 Billion to GTS, a publicly traded telecom operator.

Mr Anderson co-founded Telco Communication Group, Inc., a US based long distance carrier, in 1993. Telco’s IPO was in 1997 (TCGX-NASDAQ).

Mr. Anderson co-founded the International Space University (ISU), located in Strasbourg, France, in 1998 and helped ISU establish a permanent campus, endowment and an internationally respected academic program. The ISU now operates an accredited Masters’ program, along with a summer school and professional development courses.

Mr. Anderson has played a central role in creating billions of dollars of new value for his investors through the high-growth, high-tech organisations he has founded, managed, and been associated with.

“I believe that Avealto could create more value for investors and founders that all total value of all other business I have created.” Walt Anderson




David Chambers has extensive experience in the satellite and telecommunications industry.

Mr. Chambers has worked in business development and techno-economic roles at Teledesic.

Mr. Chambers worked with Inmarsat at a senior level and developed extensive knowledge experience.

He holds a Master Degrees in Engineering, IP law and Business Administration




Larry Austen is a Harvard Law School, graduate formerly with a Top 20 US law firm. He specialized in cross-border financing and credit enhancement.

He was President of sale-leaseback organisations Natwest Leasing and Gilman Financial Services, with Assets Under Management of more than US$2 Billion.

In 1995 he founded his on merchant banking group, which acquired parts of several hundred companies. He led the first private equity swaps with two of the largest banks in Asia and pioneered distressed asset acquisition in China and Korea.

He served for three years on NASA’s Space Commercial Advisory Subcommittee  and has been the senior executive in economic development corporations for 22 Native American Corporations.

Mr. Austen has been the President of three NYSE-listed companies.